Brownbuilt shelving


Dexion is basically associated with the construction of lexicon. It is the name of a brand or a company. Dexion pallet racking is used for commercial as well as for industrial purposes. The material in the big stores kept in these Dexion pallet racking. For example in the big medical stores all the medicines are kept in it. In big shops, or malls all the materials kept in these pallet racking. These Dexion pallet racking used for the storage purposes. These are available in different sizes depends on the users or personnel space If personnel has larger space then their size will be about 12-13 feet wide and approximately  42 inches high. If space vary then the size also vary. With the size the bearing weight capacity also changes. A standard Dexion contains approximately 2500 lb. In this type of racking, we get access to the material by   using different mechanical instruments as in the industries. We robots so that the materials can easily loaded or retrieved and place to the desired location.


Brownbuilt shelving is also associated with the manufacturing of shelving. The wood which is used in manufacturing is wild oat and silver grey. It is mostly used in houses, college’s libraries, used for the storage of different materials such as books, meanwhile in hospitals we can stock the medicines. These are most widely used shelves around the world. These are available in different styles, sizes of maximum storage. It is a combination of strength and durability. Metal covering give it a clean and attractive look.  Due to its design’s flexibility, the shelves are used in factories and industries as store rooms.  For light and medium storage products, unichannels are designed, it give raised storage area so that the stock was set while utilizing the whole wall, and the load is put off by stairs. Moreover automated picking systems are also developed for unichannel ranks. Furthermore, Unichannels are also facilitated in case of heavy duty.


It is termed as an elevated floor or access floor on the concrete slab. It is a hidden passage for mechanical and electrical services. It include air conditioning, ventilation and heating. These are mostly apply in hospitals, offices and conferences rooms because there is a requirement of route electrical services.

For example if we talk about the computer rooms, while working on computer systems, it exhausts the rooms, these raised floor system absorb the heat into the gap and the room remain cool in this way. The gap between the raised floor ranges from the 3 inches to 48 inches depending upon the construction and building authority.